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Svaren på de viktigaste frågorna

H?r finns alla fr?gor som ?r mest betydelsefulla. Kan ni inte hitta svaret p? n?gon av dina fr?gor ?r ni v?lkomna att skriva till oss.

1.Vem ?r organisat?ren f?r MediaBarCamp?
Swedish International Liberal Centre, Green Forum, Centerpartiets Internationella Stiftelse, Olof Palme Internattional Center och Vitryska parti ”Zelenye” st?r som arrang?rer f?r MediaBarCampen.

2.Var och n?r sker MediaBarCampen?
MediaBarCampen ?r den 5 juni -7 juni i Litauen. Den exakta platsen ?r inte fastst?lld ?n. Vi meddelar registrerade deltagare s? fort vi vet om platsen och hur man tar sig dit.

3.Hur mycket kostar det att delta i MediaBarCampen?
Det kostar inget alls. MediaBarCampen ?r icke-kommersiell evenemang. Det genererar ingen vinst f?r arrang?rerna.

4.Hur kan man delta i MediaBarCampen?
Det finns bara ett s?tt – man ska registrera sig h?r.

5.N?r ?r det deadline att anm?la sig f?r att delta i evenemangen?
Det finns deadline f?r att anm?la sig pga att m?nga som t?nker delta i Campen  beh?ver ett litauiskt visum. Beh?ver du visum f?r att komma till Litauen ska vi f? din anm?lan senast den 1 maj.  Du kan visst registrera dig efter deadline ocks? men i s? fall kan vi inte hj?lpa till med visum. Absolut deadline f?r att anm?la sig ?r den 1 juni.

MediaBarCamp 2009 is for active and intelligent Internet users

The second international MediaBarCamp on New Media and media activism will be held in Lithuania, June 5-7 2009. This year The MediaBarCamp is being organized by Swedish International Liberal Centre, Green Forum, Centerpartiets Internationella Stiftelse, Olof Palme Internattional Center and Belarusian «Greens» Party.

The main purpose of MediaBarCamp 2009 is to stimulate New Media projects development in the region using new media technologies. MediaBarCamp is a non-political multicultural event, oriented on those who are out of the Mainstream Framework and who have clear view of what is going on right here and right now. They are the people who film videos about their activities, express their thoughts in blogs, make podcasts and photo reviews on everything around them. In other words, they are supposed to be skilled at high end media technologies.

MediaBarCamp is a non-commercial event, no organizer aims profit earning with the activity. That is why no participation fees specified. Accommodation, travel and visa expenses will possibly be refunded for participants from Belarus and Ukraine. In order to participate you must register and work up a presentation of your project. Deadline for MediaBarCamp applicants is based on the admittance of visas for non-EU citizens. Those who need visa support must apply till May 1, 2009. Total deadline for new participants is June 1, 2009.

According to the BarCamps’ Regulations, all participants feel as free and easy as inside a respectful bar. Besides, absolute freedom of movement in a countryside picnic style is supposed. Lavishly flavored with free wireless internet connection, the event will be filled with captivating presentations per half an hour.

More than 150 participants from Belarus, Ukraine and Baltic states are expected to take part in MediaBarCamp 2009. Participants’ presentations and speeches will form the festival program. Special attention will be given to alternative informational media projects and their creators.

New media today is a new environment for the existence of modern culture, which is not museums’ dust collecting stuff. It is being created right here and right now. Elements of human environment that collaboratively create our daily routine are also a culture. This kind of culture exists due to media area. Shooting videos and editing photos on computer became incredibly easy, it is no more the duty of specially trained ‘caste’ of journalists. MediaBarCamp invites everyone who is ready to participate in new media area creation. Supplementary information is available at the MediaBarCamp web-site

MediaBarCamp is a unique international ‘non-conference’ on new media and media activism. Launched in 2008 in Lithuania, MediaBarCamp gathered about 100 participants from Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and Finland. Successful start inspired the present year sequel.