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Документы поданы, думаем над презентациями

К сожалению, не все белорусские участники смогли найти в себе силы подать документы 20 мая 2009. Хотя мы сделали все или почте все, что могли, чтобы предупредить всех участников: 13 мая 2009 года мы отправили новость в рассылку, что назначена дата подачи документов в посольство. В этот же день запостили в ЖЖ и в Твиттере аналогичные уведомления. 18 мая 2009 года отправили индивидуальные уведомления про поход в посольство. Но не все смогли с этим справиться.

Why We Are So Interested In Your Presentation Subject

MediaBarCamp participant registration form implies such a questionnaire item as ‘Your Preliminary Presentation Subject’. The item is not obligatory, but very important for organizers, though. We are highly interested in presentations’ compliance with trend of the BarCamp. For freebie seeking tourists tend to spend a good summer weekend abroad, they appear to be the natural disaster of every BarCamp. ‘Tourism’ minimization is the main goal of the registration procedure.

Moreover, visa support for participants is provided by the MediaBarCamp 2009 organizers. Sounds incredible, but accommodation and travel expenses will be basically funded, too. Further information on this issue will be specified individually. On this understanding, plus impossibility to get acquainted with every applicant personally, the competitive choice is based on the registration form data.

Even preliminary subject of presentation, which may seem inaccurate and rough, is highly important, as it helps organizers to consider the gravity of applicant’s intentions and the context of his participation in the MediaBarCamp. Shabby topics a-la ‘What Is Web 2.0’ or ‘Blog’s Successful Monetization’ will make it possible to act as a Help Team member. As for the authoring presentation of a vast media project’s results, the situation is entirely different. The choice of the topic is up to you.